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DevOpsDays London 2018

My writeup of my first DevOpsDays conference, and the awesome talks and conversations I was part of.

Context is key: thinking about your audience

How to have inclusive conversations by providing the right context for those who may not have the same level of understanding.

My Path from School to University to Work

A look back at my journey up to now, the choices I've made, and what advice I have for others who are embarking on their own journeys into tech.

Some exciting job and knowledge-sharing news

Moving into Quality Engineering, publishing Chef training courses, conference speaking about Chef at OggCamp and the complex mess that is this very static website at DevOpsDays London.

My First Week Back to Working (Remotely) After Three Months

How I've found the first week back to work after almost three months, and the productivity gains of working reduced hours.

2017 in Review

A look back over the awesome (and not so awesome) things that happened in 2017, and a look forward to what 2018 holds.