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This morning I was a guest on Cup o' Go, ahead of today's episode, which is now live.

A screenshot of the Riverside recording studio showing Shay, Jonathan and Jamie smiling at the camera. Shay is holding up his water bottle, branded Cup o' Go's mascot Brewster, and Jonathan is holding up a Cup o' Go mug. Jamie unfortunately doesn't have any swag (yet) but is wearing his dependency-management-data t-shirt, which he thinks still kinda counts

Cup o' Go is a great podcast, which I've listened to since the first episode was released last January, and I very much recommend a listen - not just to my episode, but others! - as there's a great split between "here's ~15 minutes of recent happenings in the community" followed by an interview with someone of interest. Even if you don't have time to listen to the whole episode, just the ~15 minutes of news is a great way to stay abreast of the goings on in the community.

I was invited to speak was a little cheeky and invited myself to speak by using the "suggest a guest" featured to mention myself 🫣 But Shay and Jonathan were happy to talk to me.

When suggesting myself, it was largely around the yet-to-be-announced changes for oapi-codegen, and we managed to time it very well with us being able to green light the announcements just in time to have it posted before being able to talk about it on the podcast!

This was a really fun interview, and was glad we were able to do it!

We spoke about OpenAPI, how it can be useful, and then talked about my posts yesterday about looking to make oapi-codegen more sustainable and the move to the new org.

We also got into conversations about good API design, retrofitting OpenAPI docs to Rails and content-type negotiation (and my yet-to-be-written post on why content negotiation is hard.

We also, naturally delved into my blog, and why I find it useful to write:

We ended up with a conversation on how I started to learn Go and what surprised me - the answer may surprise you, too 😹

This also reminded me of my actual first time playing with Go, after the Digital Lincoln meetup "Five reasons why you should use Golang", which I'd not mentioned in my post about learning Go, presumably as I'd forgotten it.

I had a great time, and it was really fun to chat with Shay and Jonathan, as well as be part of a podcast I love to hear!

And trust me, even with many listens under my belt and therefore knowing that a dire pun is coming from Shay to start off the interview, it still took me out πŸ˜…

Hope you enjoy!

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