Performing a v2 release of a Go module

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On Wednesday, I'll be releasing oapi-codegen v2, which is my first v2 release of a Go module.

To prepare for this I've been practicing doing a v2 release, so thought I'd write about as a form of blogumentation.

The changes required aren't too large, we need to:

  • Update the go.mod to note the new v2 module import path
  • Update any files that contain the module import path to include the /v2
  • (Perform any breaking changes required)
  • Commit + tag as v2.0.0

Let's take the example of a very small Go module:


go 1.20

This then has two files, pkg/domain/person.go:

package domain

type Person struct {
	Name string

And pkg/greeting/main.go:

package greeting

import (


func Greeting(p domain.Person) string {
	return fmt.Sprintf("Hello %s", p.Name)

Following the steps above, we'll make the following changes.

To go.mod:


And then to pkg/greeting/main.go:

 import (

-       ""
+       ""

Not too bad, all things considered!

If you have a command-line tool associated with this, you'll need to make sure to update go install docs accordingly:

-go install
+go install

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