Publishing My On-Call Compensation History

At DevOpsDays London 2023 there was a great session called "Let's talk compensation", off the back of a very successful session that was run at DevOpsDays Chicago.

(Aside: I'm hoping to finish up my writeup of DevOpsDays London soon, so I won't spoil too much of the session)

Aside from talking about salary, we also spoke a little bit about on-call payments, and whether folks were paid extra, it was part of the salary, or they would i.e. get time off in lieu.

Following the great success of publishing my salary publicly, I thought it'd be good to do my on-call pay too, in my on-call compensation history page.

It's unfortunately not as detailed as it probably could be, but hopefully is a good start and point of interest.

Before I'd left Deliveroo I was writing a blog post about what it's like to be on-call as an engineer (in my team), but it's not yet gone live on the Deliveroo Engineering site. Hopefully it will be live soon, as it was part of a series around various angles of what it's like to be on-call, and I was really looking forward to sharing it, as we did some good stuff.

Hope the data helps!

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