What Go versions are my modules and dependencies targeting?

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As noted in Why is Go trying to upgrade my go.mod to Go 1.21?, we've had a report on oapi-codegen that Go is trying to upgrade our go.mod to a newer Go version.

Through discussion in the Go community (Gopher) Slack, it appears that this is due to one of the modules in my dependency tree using Go 1.21, and therefore Go is upgrading the whole project to Go 1.21.

I reached for go mod vendor to confirm this behaviour, as I know that vendor/modules.txt usually contains this information, but wondered if there's a better way - which fortunately there is!

We can take inspiration from How to get golang package import list and craft the following go list command, for all modules:

go list -f '{{.Path }} {{.GoVersion}}' -m all

This then outputs something like:

github.com/deepmap/oapi-codegen 1.21
github.com/BurntSushi/toml 1.16
github.com/CloudyKit/fastprinter 1.13
github.com/CloudyKit/jet/v6 1.12
github.com/Joker/hpp 1.12
github.com/Joker/jade 1.14
github.com/RaveNoX/go-jsoncommentstrip 1.12
github.com/Shopify/goreferrer 1.17
github.com/andybalholm/brotli 1.12

You could tweak this to return the version first, and then try and sort based on this, or provide any other information as necessary.

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