Setting up real-time Slack notifications for GitHub

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Since starting my new job at Elastic, I've been going through my usual productivity hacks like setting up my dotfiles, organising Slack channels and setting up GitHub notifications in Slack.

But I couldn't remember how I did it last, and the documentation isn't super clear, so thought I'd document it for future me.

  1. Browse to your user settings, and under the Integration heading, select Scheduled reminders (link)
  2. Select the GitHub organisation that you want to set up real-time notifications
  3. Select Authorize Slack workspace and connect to the Slack you want the notifications in
  4. Select Enable real-time alerts
  5. Unselect Review requests assigned to you (if you don't want reminders)
  6. Click Create reminder

The GitHub "Scheduled Reminders" view, showing a list of Configured organizations and Available organizations The GitHub "New scheduled reminder" UI, showing the various types of real-time alerts that are available when selecting the "Enable real-time alerts" option

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