Sharing state between net/http method calls in Go

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I've recently been writing some HTTP server code with Go, and found it not-super-searchable to find out how to have a struct that shares state between method calls, so I thought it'd be good to blogument it.

For a super contrived example, we want to share the state along our server type, which requires we have our HTTP handler functions defined on the struct, and we set up the HandleFuncs on the instance of the struct:

package main

import (

type server struct {
	state string // not handled atomically, as it should be in production code

func (s server) handleFunc(w http.ResponseWriter, _ *http.Request) {

func main() {
	mux := http.NewServeMux()

	server := server{
		state: "this is shared",

	mux.HandleFunc("/", server.handleFunc)

	s := http.Server{
		Addr:    ":8080",
		Handler: mux,


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