Who does this NPM token belong to?

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Let's say you've just found something that looks like it's an NPM token, and you want to work out whether it's still valid.

One option is to try and download a dependency using it, but that can be a little more awkward to do, when there are easier means to do so.

With npm

Let's say we've found a .npmrc:


Alternatively if this is a newer token, it'll be prefixed with npm_.

Fortunately the npm CLI contains a whoami subcommand, which means we can run:

env NPM_TOKEN=f... npm whoami

This will return the user that's authenticated, or an error.

With curl

This works when you're using the main registry, but when trying to check with different registry, i.e. registry.yarnpkg.com, you get:

env NPM_TOKEN=f... npm whoami --registry https://registry.yarnpkg.com
npm ERR! need auth This command requires you to be logged in.
npm ERR! need auth You need to authorize this machine using `npm adduser`

However, if we run npm whoami --verbose, we can see that it performs an HTTP GET request like so:

curl https://registry.npmjs.org/-/whoami -H 'Authorization: Bearer npm_...'

This is implemented by other registries such as the Yarn registry, meaning that if we were to find credentials such as:

    npmAlwaysAuth: true
    npmAuthToken: f.....

Then we'd be able to check if they were still valid by running:

curl -i https://registry.yarnpkg.com/-/whoami -H 'Authorization: Bearer f...'
HTTP/2 200

Alternatively we'd see a 401 when invalid:

curl -i https://registry.yarnpkg.com/-/whoami -H 'Authorization: Bearer f...'
HTTP/2 401

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