Listing secrets stored in CircleCI

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If you've not seen, CircleCI yesterday announced that they had recently had a breach. As part of this, teams are recommended to rotate all of their secrets, but to do that, you need to easily find out what secrets are in place.

I've put together a Go CLI project on on that allows querying for all secrets in Contexts as well as per-Project secrets, in a Tab Separated Value (TSV) format that makes it handy to copy-paste into things like Google Sheets.

First, install it:

go install

To list all contexts:

export CIRCLE_TOKEN=...
./circleci-secret-list -token $CIRCLE_TOKEN -slug gh/jamietanna

Or to list all projects, if you've created a repos.txt using i.e. this blog post:

export CIRCLE_TOKEN=...
./circleci-secret-list -token $CIRCLE_TOKEN -slug gh/jamietanna -repos repos.txt

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