Using Renovate to manage updates to golangci-lint versions

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Although I used to recommend using a tools.go to track the dependency versions for golangci-lint, I've since learned why it's not the recommended route, and have gone back to the official install instructions.

With the official install, you use a shell script to download this, which means you'll have, presumably in a Makefile:

	curl -sSfL | sh -s -- -b $(GOBIN) v1.50.1

However, with me recently using Renovate for dependency management, I've been disappointed by not being able to keep up-to-date with version upgrades automagically with this way of installing golangci-lint, or at least so I thought

While looking through some unrelated things in the Renovate docs, I discovered the custom regex manager for dependencies, which means we can write the following Renovate configuration:

  "$schema": "",
  "regexManagers": [
      "fileMatch": ["^Makefile$"],
      "matchStrings": [
        "curl .* | sh -s -- .* (?<currentValue>.*?)\\n"
      "depNameTemplate": "",
      "datasourceTemplate": "go"

This allows us to use golangci-lint's dependency data from Renovate, and performs an in-place update for the dependency as and when it's updated - awesome πŸ™Œ

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