Prefilling OAuth2 scopes for GitHub Personal Access Tokens

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A while ago, I was setting up a fair few GitHub Personal Access Tokens, and was finding it a little frustrating to need to keep hand-selecting the scopes required. I can't actually remember how I found out about it, but it turns out that by tweaking the URL, you can pre-fill the scopes that are selected.

I'd shared this knowledge with a project that would benefit from this, but I've not publicly blogged about this for other folks who may not know this.

Let's say you want to create a new token that has access to public_repo and repo, we can construct the URL:,repo

Going to the URL above gives you a handy pre-filled form, but still allows you to review it, add your own note for what the token is, and set expiry.

Right now, this only works for Personal Access Tokens (Classic).

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