Performing AND conditionals in HAProxy

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Today I've been playing around with some HAProxy rules, and I wanted to only allow access to a given host if the request was to a specific route.

Trying to search for "how to write and in HAProxy" was surprisingly difficult, and odd as there was mention of it in some places, but it didn't get parsed correctly.

As it didn't seem initially straightforward, I thought I'd document that you can specify multiple conditions, and they're implicitly AND'd.

For instance:

# to route to the backend `the_host`, which is found at http://host.local
acl host_the_host hdr(host) -i host.local
acl host_the_host_allow_webhook path_beg,url_dec -i /webhook
use_backend host.local if host_the_host host_the_host_allow_webhook
                                       ^ this is implicitly an and between these two ACLs

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