Pointing to a fork of a Go module

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Update 2023-09-20: If you're writing a module that is consumed through go install, check out this separate post to avoid a gotcha.

If you're building on top of an Open Source Go library through Go modules, there may be times that you need to use a forked version of the project, such as when the library hasn't yet merged your changes, or is no longer actively maintained.

Let's say that we want to pin to the forked branch defect/doc, we'd need to retrieve the latest Git SHA on that branch, which is currently 921b1b1504b413079e3cbe9457cc317014e299ce.

This wouldn't work out-of-the-box with a go get, unfortunately:

$ go get github.com/jamietanna/oapi-codegen@921b1b1504b413079e3cbe9457cc317014e299ce

go: downloading github.com/jamietanna/oapi-codegen v1.10.2-0.20220707083624-921b1b1504b4
go: github.com/jamietanna/oapi-codegen@v1.10.2-0.20220707083624-921b1b1504b4: parsing go.mod:
        module declares its path as: github.com/deepmap/oapi-codegen

Fortunately it's super straightforward to work around this with the replace directive in go.mod.

To set up this pinning to our fork, we can run (or manually edit the go.mod):

go mod edit -replace github.com/deepmap/oapi-codegen=github.com/jamietanna/oapi-codegen@921b1b1504b413079e3cbe9457cc317014e299ce

This then produces the following at the bottom of our go.mod:

replace github.com/deepmap/oapi-codegen => github.com/jamietanna/oapi-codegen 921b1b1504b413079e3cbe9457cc317014e299ce

Then, when we run a go get, it'll pick up the right dependencies, and we'll be able to start using the forked version of the code!

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