Describing a multi-value querystring parameter in OpenAPI

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If you're building an API, you may want to have the option of querying or filtering multiple values, and want to make it clear to a consumer, through your OpenAPI spec.

Let's say that we want to allow a query which includes a parameter post-type, which can have the values article, bookmark and reply.

To do this with OpenAPI, we'd construct the following:

      # this doesn't have to include `[]`, but it's a good indicator that
      # it's a multi-value option, even though it's a valid HTTP thing to do,
      # to provide multiple values with just `post-type`
      name: "post-type[]"
      in: query
      explode: true
        type: array
          $ref: '#/components/schemas/PostType'
      type: string
        - article
        - bookmark
        - reply

The important thing here is the explode and marking the items as an array.

This works with both OpenAPI 3.0 and OpenAPI 3.1.

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