Automagically formatting on save, with Neovim and Language Server Protocol (LSP)

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Moving to Neovim, one of the really key benefits of the move was the native Language Server Protocol (LSP) support.

After being quite used to the way that I could get my Java projects to autoformat on build, I did, however, want a little more from Neovim's configuration.

The Neovim docs actually highlight this:

autocmd BufWritePre <buffer> lua vim.lsp.buf.format()
" or
autocmd BufWritePre * lua vim.lsp.buf.format()

Or if you're using the Lua configuration:

vim.cmd [[autocmd BufWritePre <buffer> lua vim.lsp.buf.format()]]
-- or
vim.cmd [[autocmd BufWritePre * lua vim.lsp.buf.format()]]

Or if you want to write Lua, but haven't yet fully migrated to a Lua-only configuration, you'll want the following:

lua <<EOF
vim.cmd [[autocmd BufWritePre * lua vim.lsp.buf.format()]]

Then, every time you save your file(s), they'll attempt to format using the registered LSP, and if none exist, it'll be a no-op.

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