Creating a "Manual of Me"

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Last week, my colleague Andy shared Manual of Me, which was very new to me.

Andy had a great Manual of Andy which gave a lot of really good detail in how best to work together, and inspired by this I wanted to make a stab at it myself.

I've recently been thinking about what I bring to the table, what works for me as a team member, and it was a good reflective exercise.

As is tradition with me, I've decided to go a more IndieWeb-y route and build my own version, which you can find published at

Part of doing this was also because it gave me a chance to play around with building a microsite and styling it while keeping it pretty minimal.

I enjoyed trying several classless CSS frameworks, and settled on Classless.css as I was impressed by the design, and as well as having a bunch of pre-built themes, it was really straightforward to theme myself.

As I use the Gruvbox colour scheme across all my applications and tools, I wanted to align it here.

I'm hoping it will be useful for current and future colleagues, and I'd love to hear any feedback you have on it!

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