Making Zoom Notifications/Windows Float on BSPWM

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I use the tiling window manager BSPWM as window manager for my Linux installation, and have done for most of the time I've been running Linux as my daily driver.

Since Zoom became more prevalent for videoconferencing - especially during the pandemic - I've been getting slowly more annoyed by the way that Zoom operates with it, by default.

This occurs, for instance when a participant starts screen sharing, at which point a full-size tile appears, taking the focus from the window I was previously on, and disappearing shortly after.

After almost two years of getting annoyed by this, this afternoon I finally started looking at it, and found this reddit thread which was looking to solve it.

Unfortunately that wasn't quite what I wanted, but after digging around on GitHub, I've found that Alex Lushpai's configuration on GitHub, which I've amended to be:

bspc rule -a zoom state=floating center=on follow=on border=off

Which when put into my bspwmrc, now Zoom windows don't get in the way!

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