Generating Dynamic Identifiers with Thymeleaf

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If you're working with Thymeleaf templating, you may end up with the case where you're iterating through a set of elements, and want to add a dynamic id attribute to each one, so you can i.e. interact with them using JavaScript.

Although there are quite a few questions on StackOverflow, it turns out that it's not super well documented how to do this.

In Thymeleaf 3, we can use ids.seq for this, as noted in the documentation:

    th:each="property: ${postType.getProperties()}"

This then produces the following HTML:

  <li id="property1">content</li>
  <li id="property2">Date Published</li>
  <li id="property3">Category / tag</li>
  <li id="property4">Whether the post is `published` or `draft`</li>
  <li id="property5">Syndication URL</li>

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