Marking up my Curriculum Vitae with Microformats2

It's been a while since I've updated my CV, and I thought it'd be a good chance to look at my current skillset against what's currently being looked for on the job market.

In the IndieWeb community, we use the Microformats open standard to provide machine-readable metadata to human-readable content, and I'm a big fan of the improvements it can provide for content.

We've currently got a draft specification called h-resume for marking up your resume/CV, but as it's a draft we're still looking for more implementations to see if there are gaps in the metadata commonly used. We've got a few examples of folks using it on the Microformats wiki and the IndieWeb wiki, and I wanted to add my own name to the list!

While looking through the examples, I found Moez Bouhlel's resume and I really liked the way it was designed and structured.

Although it's been technically live for the last couple of weeks, as it's been deploying to, I'm now sharing it out for wider feedback, and if you don't have a Microformats2 parser handy, you can see the the parsed data as Microformats2 JSON online.

I've found it to be a pretty fun experience going through my past experiences and thinking about all the stuff I've done over time.

As it's got a print stylesheet, from Moez' original project, it's been fun creating a slightly different output for printed output, by being a little less verbose with my wording, or removing sections altogether, whereas if you view it in a browser, it's got a lot more info.

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