Uploading Community Cookbooks from Supermarket to Chef Server

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As I've mentioned recently, I'm working on rebuilding our Chef pipelines at work.

As we're running a Chef Server, we need some way to sync from our public Supermarket to our Chef Server, so we can take advantage of the wonderful work that the community has done with their Free and Open Source cookbooks.

As I'd mentioned in Constructing an Ordered Dependency Graph for Chef Cookbooks, using Berkshelf, this can cause issues due to dependency trees, as a cookbook can't be uploaded to the Chef Server unless a dependency is present already uploaded.

While looking into it, a Chef Friend in the Community Slack mentioned that the solution is generally to use berks upload.

For instance, to use the consul cookbook at version 4.5.0, we'd create the Berksfile:

source 'https://supermarket.chef.io'

cookbook 'consul', '4.5.0'

Then we would run:

# if it exists, we should remove it so we re-calculate any dependency graphs
rm -f Berksfile.lock
berks install
berks upload

Where berks upload will use the Chef configuration (i.e. in config.rb) and upload to the given Chef Server.

Note that this will only pull the latest versions of cookbooks - I'm looking at what we can do to be more conservative against what's available in the Chef Server.

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