JWKS-iCal Release v1.1.0: Adding Calendar Reminder

Since releasing Keeping Track of Certificate Expiry with a JWKS to iCalendar Converter, I've been using it a fair bit for some certs I manage.

However, something I wish was possible would be to informed, ahead of the date, something is expiring, because these require manual intervention to update them.

Therefore, I decided to add calendar reminders to the generated iCalendar feed. With version v1.1.0, which I have just released, you will now receive calendar reminders:

  • on the day
  • on the day before
  • one week before

That being said, it may not quite work with your calendar app of choice. As per this thread on the Google support forums, it appears to be a common issue with Google Calendar, I'm not sure if there's any solution - so this release may not be helpful, sorry!

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