New CSS, Who Dis?

If you're reading this, you're now in the future - my site's design has changed, and I'm now using hack!

Last week, I was reading a blog post by Christine Dodrill and something stuck out to me after I'd finished reading, and went about my day. I realised that I really liked the site design. It had a great style, the colours looked great, and it had a nice feel that I'd had with the theme I used back with Jekyll called daktilo.

In my week notes, I mentioned that I'd be looking into it - but while looking I saw that Christine had a colour scheme based on gruvbox which is my current favourite colour scheme - so I felt that it was meant to be!

Although I've not spent a lot of time to spend on it the last few nights aside from Homebrew Website Club last night, I've actually been able to migrate to the new theme pretty quickly.

In the past, it's taken me several weeks to actually update the theme to my site - the first was when I set up my Jekyll site, and the second was moving to Hugo - which involved a fair bit of extra work. With this, it's taken a matter of days, which is even quicker than I expected.

So why has it been so easy? I was most worried about moving between themes and having to re-develop all my HTML, which would have impacts on the Microformats that power this site, and enable machine-readable HTML that is a super important thing to me, as it allows for more meaningful conversations across the IndieWeb - and beyond! But it turned out that actually I wouldn't need to do any of that, as all I needed was to pull in the new CSS files, and make a few tweaks to put my own stamp on it, and make it feel better for my site design.

Is it cheating to say I've set up Dark Mode on my site, if it's always dark? πŸ˜…

See anything that you think needs a change? Get in touch with the links below, or raise an issue!

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