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My lovely sister surprised Anna and I with a delivery from mycookiedough. We'd not seen this company before, but have found that they did IRL stores/pop-ups, and were very excited to try this at home.

This afternoon we made, it but have a few things to feed back for others who're trying it.

The pack we had was the melt'n crunch pack and it had a lot of good bits to go with it:

The packaging for the melt'n crunch pack, listing its contents

Having never been to mycookiedough, we didn't really know what to expect with what it looked like, and as such the instructions weren't super clear:

A photo of the baking instructions, as well as the containers that the pack includes

This meant we weren't sure just how "well cooked" the cookies should be, so after the 9 minutes of cooking, we had these cookies:

A photo of some somewhat-cooked cookies, with a spoon sinking into one to show how gooey they still are

But they were still a bit squidgy, so left them for a few minutes further, after which they grew out a bit (we were a bit concerned they weren't really "cookie shaped" when it was raw, as it looked more like shortbread):

A photo of the same cookies, much better cooked, and expanded quite a bit

We also realised, too late, that we shouldn't have cooked them all at once, but instead did them one-at-a-time as we wanted to eat them, as they're way nicer when they're still warm and gooey.

And we found that we probably didn't need the ice cream, and all the extras:

A bowl with half a cookie, a small scoop of ice cream, chunks of honeycomb and some broken up Oreo, and a spoon of Nutella

A bowl with half a cookie, a small scoop of ice cream, chunks of gingerbread and some broken up Oreo

Luckily we only had a half cookie each, as we felt a little 🤢 afterwards.

I'd recommend giving them a go, though, as it's a nice, different thing to do!

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