Toggling Your Bluetooth Connection using bluetoothctl on the Command-Line

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Since getting a pair of Bluetooth headphones, I've been thoroughly enjoying being able to be hands-free.

However, one thing that's annoyed me is that to switch between my desktop (where I play my music on) and my work laptop (for Zoom calls), which requires either clicking around in UIs, or running a couple of invocations of command-line, none of which is useful if I need to quickly switch between them.

Unfortunately within bluetoothctl, there's no way to determine if the controller is connected to any device, but given we know the MAC address for the device, we can use the info subcommand and determine if it's connected:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

if bluetoothctl info "$device" | grep 'Connected: yes' -q; then
  bluetoothctl disconnect "$device"
  bluetoothctl connect "$device"

This will now toggle the connection of the device.

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