Splitting an X509 PEM-Encoded Certificate Bundle into Multiple Files

Today I was wanting to break out a large certificate bundle, containing many X509 PEM-encoded certs, into separate files. While I was thinking about scripting it myself, I realised surely someone has done this before? It's a pretty standard thing for sysadmins to have done before, so resorted to searching online.

Lo and behold, I found two great solutions via How to split a PEM file on Server Fault:

Using the split command, which I've not tried before:

split -p "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" collection.pem individual-

Or using trusty awk:

awk '
  split_after == 1 {n++;split_after=0}
  /-----END CERTIFICATE-----/ {split_after=1}
  {print > "cert" n ".pem"}' < $file

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