What's the jvt.me at the end of your tweets?

You may have noticed that for the last few months, my tweets have ended with (jvt.me/mf2/...):

But what's all that about? Why am I constantly posting links to my content?

You may have read before that I'm a large fan of the IndieWeb, and as part of this, I want to own my data in full. For instance, that tweet above was originally posted at www.jvt.me/mf2/2020/03/84zwq/.

I then used the wonderful IndieWeb tool Bridgy which then publishes it to Twitter on my behalf. That URL at the end is used to let folks find the original post as well as enabling me to receive interactions with the syndicated tweet on my own website.

That way I get to own my data, but also make it so other folks are able to consume and interact with it, which is one of the key things the IndieWeb is about - breaking down the walls between silos by running everything through folks' personal websites.

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