Moving Events for the Homebrew Website Club: Nottingham to the IndieWeb Events site

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Aaron Parecki recently announced the launch of a new space for events within the IndieWeb, It's a new platform that will make discoverability of IndieWeb events much easier.

After the announcement, I was still thinking that I would continue to own the Indie event on my own site, under /events/homebrew-website-club-nottingham/, and maybe syndicate out to the IndieWeb Events site, but after a conversation with Aaron on Wednesday I realised that this doesn't make much sense.

As Aaron says, the Homebrew Website Club events belong to the community, not me, which I wholeheartedly agree with. And as I may not be in Nottingham forever, it makes sense for it not to be synonymous with my own website and identity. Although I had used my own site in the past, so I didn't need to buy a new domain to host it, that was more for convenience, and I didn't expect it to be the long-term home for the event.

The IndieWeb Events site is really awesome, and will do things like pick up any mentions on your own website (via a Webmention) or on social media such as Twitter, so conversations can be included back in one place, similar to my own setup. However, Aaron's added a killer feature which is collating any photos that are mentioned, as per Homebrew Website Club: Nottingham on January 8th, which means you'll appear on This Week in the IndieWeb more easily!

Because I still want the ability to have the events discoverable by the great site Nottingham.Digital, I will tag events as hwc-nottingham, so folks can still find out what's coming up by going to

The event on the 22nd January will still be hosted on my own site, but for all events afterwards, they'll be using the IndieWeb Events site.

You can subscribe to the iCalendar feed by adding to you calendar app of choice, and remove the existing one from this site, as it'll no longer be updated.

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