Only Adding Changes for Tracked Files With Git

Let's say that we have a Git repo where we've made a number of changes, such as:

 M www-api-web/postdeploy/src/main/java/me/jvt/www/api/postdeploy/
 M www-api-web/postdeploy/src/main/java/me/jvt/www/api/postdeploy/client/
 M www-api-web/postdeploy/src/main/java/me/jvt/www/api/postdeploy/client/
 M www-api-web/postdeploy/src/main/java/me/jvt/www/api/postdeploy/service/
 M www-api-web/postdeploy/src/main/java/me/jvt/www/api/postdeploy/service/
 M www-api-web/postdeploy/src/test/java/me/jvt/www/api/postdeploy/
?? .ignored
?? www-api-web/postdeploy/src/main/java/me/jvt/www/api/postdeploy/service/

Let's say that we want to git add www-api-web/postdeploy, but don't want to add the newly created PostDeployServiceImpl. We would ideally use git add -p, but for argument's sake let's say we don't want to do it as there are lots of files and we don't want to go through all the changes - we know what we want to add.

The solution for this is using git add -u ${pathspec} i.e.

git add -u www-api-web/postdeploy

This will then --update the files that are already tracked by Git, no others.

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