Music and Associations

It's amazing how certain songs can bring back such vivid memories.

While I was off ill with my my ruptured appendix, EDEN (one of my favourite artists) dropped a new album so I was listening to it a lot. One song, drugs, weirdly resonated with me despite the fact that I'm not a drug user or feeling the anguish portrayed in the song. But during the time I was listening to this song a lot, I was having a lot of Oramorph (liquid morphine) and Diazepam for pain relief (in a very safe and controlled fashion).

In a similar vein, I also had California Girls playing in my head every so often and it took me ages to realise that it was playing in the cab on the way to get my abdomen pain looked at (which it turns out was my ruptured appendix).

A Little Chaos also features highly with a time in my final year at university. I found it via Harry Mumford-Turner, and it represented how I felt at the time - the rising of the music rises with the stress I was feeling, to the point where it was pretty much unbearable, but finally the release.

During my first year of university I discovered more chilled out playlists, and as part of that I found the wonderful Phaeleh through this remix:

But there's also this incredible track from Kaj, which is my go-to if I need to relax (often before bed), even just playing it in my head.

It's funny how music has that way of sticking with you, and so strongly associating with a time in your life.

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