Off Days

As mentioned in yesterday's post, this weekend is the first weekend off I've had in over six, busy, weeks.

I had big plans for today, hoping to send my Webmentions more intelligently which involved a bit of refactor of my personal API, as well as getting to play around with some persistence libraries.

But I wasn't feeling quite up to it, and every time I tried to work out my thought process for the refactor, I just couldn't quite do it. Last year, I'd probably have bruteforced it and eventually got into the state of mind, or done enough work on it to make it semi-productive, but not today.

I decided not to push myself, but instead spent most of the day playing Apex Legends, and just generally chilling.

It's OK to not be working at 100% all the time, even when it's a day that you really wanted to have stuff done.

And this doesn't just impact your personal time, it's OK to not be productive at work - it helps if you make sure others are aware you're not operating at 100%, and remember that your mental health is more important than your output.

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