Implementing h-feed, and making all site content discoverable

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With this announcement, I have two great pieces of news.

The first, is that you'll now be able to follow my website's h-feed, which is a microformats2 structure for a feed of data. This is in addition to my RSS feed (/feed.xml) and my JSON feed (/feed.json), and will allow further interoperability with the IndieWeb.

The second is that I've now made all* my content discoverable in these feed formats, including the types announced in Extending to allow for other post types. They are rendering their content accordingly depending on the post type, and I've been able to make them nicely de-duplicated, which I'll blog about shortly.

* I say all content is now discoverable in feeds, but I don't quite mean it. That's because I'm not displaying static pages such as /about/, events pages, nor projects or talks. That's because these are static and don't make sense to exist in a regularly-changing feed.

That being said events listings i.e. that of Homebrew Website Club Nottingham are powered by an h-feed, so you can still follow them.

I've set up h-feeds in the following places:

Unlike some of the previous changes I've made to this site, I've decided to not (at this time) create any automated tests for validating whether the h-feed is well formed, instead deciding to manually verify whether it works.

This h-feed setup is officially termed a composite stream, as it draws all content types into a single feed.

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