Marking up my pronouns with Microformats

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Following Aimee Gamble-Milner's talk Error: Property "X" does not exist on type "Genders", I was thinking about making my pronouns more visible.

At DevOpsDays London 2018, I was incredibly impressed with the use of pronoun stickers to share with other attendees how you want others to refer to you.

There have been some discussions at Women in Tech Nottingham (after DevOpsDays donated the stickers) since then about it, and how cis-gendered people need to share their pronouns too.

This makes it much more normalised, meaning it's not just non cis-gendered people who should add their pronouns, but everyone! This makes it much more inclusive and allows for people to share how they want to be referred to - guessing is never a good idea!

At this time, I'd added my pronouns to my personal Twitter account but also wanted something in my Microformats setup.

After reaching out in the IndieWeb chat around whether it'd been considered yet (as I had an inkling that I had seen something about it before), I was pointed to the Pronouns section in h-card Brainstorming by Aaron Parecki.

I've followed gRegor Morrill's pattern and added my pronouns to my personal h-card on with three forms:

<span class="p-pronoun-nominative p-x-pronoun-nominative">he</span>/
<span class="p-pronoun-oblique p-x-pronoun-oblique">him</span>/
<span class="p-pronoun-possessive p-x-pronoun-possessive">his</span>/

Currently it's just a draft for Microformats, but in the future I hope it'll become part of the spec.

Update 2020-12-28: I've dropped the -x from the above, as folks within the Microformats community have shared that often it takes longer to get a -x property widespread, and then migrated to a non -x property. I've added support on my site for both, but with the preference for i.e p-pronoun-nominative.

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