Marking up Events with Microformats

As I called out in Homebrew Website Club: Nottingham, Session 1, I wanted to have Microformats automagically generated for the content.

This was because I had manually hand-crafted this h-event for the last event, which although perfectly fine was a bit more work than I'd want to do in the future, as well as duplicating a lot of the basics of the markup across many events.

However, before I did this, I needed to have a new content type in Hugo for these events, so I could render them differently than blog posts / content pages. This is as simple as creating a new folder in Hugo's directory structure, which is really nice, and then adding the relevant templates in my theme to render the h-events.

The largest piece of work for this (as with the work for h-entrys) was getting HTML-Proofer checks in place to verify that the content is well-formed and that I don't have regressions in the future.

This is very exciting for better interoperability with others!

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