Adding the microformats h-entry markup to my blog posts

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As I spoke about in my post Setting up a personal hCard for myself, I'm starting to mark up my site with microformats2.

As you're reading this, you're now seeing that my blog posts are being marked up with the h-entry format. This gives a parser client the ability to determine the post's name, summary, URL, published + updated times and then the actual content itself.

As with my personal h-card changes, I've added an automated HTML-Proofer Check in place to ensure that all my posts are well-formed and have the required parameters, and will catch any regressions in the future if I break / migrate my site's theme.

I've decided to only look at marking up my blog posts, as they're the highest touch point on the site, but as I look to create more types of content, they'll be annotated as such.

Let's hope that leads to more users on the site, who can browse the site with the client they want!

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