2018's Music In Review

In 2018, I listened to 57319.43 minutes (955.32 hours, 39.8 days) of music on Spotify.

Top 100 songs
Song TitleMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
EDEN - drugs351.885.86
NoMBe - California Girls218.623.64
Illenium - Leaving210.583.51
Good Weather For An Airstrike - Little Rain179.62.99
Puppet - The Fire164.92.75
Jessie Siren - The Sway164.322.74
EDEN - rock + roll148.182.47
Uppermost - Different146.782.45
Maduk - Miles Apart - Ella Noël Only Mix141.232.35
Pola & Bryson - Open My Eyes135.522.26
AK - Falling135.322.26
Not Your Dope - Indestructible (feat. MAX)129.152.15
Illenium - Fortress - Just A Gent Remix126.132.1
Uppermost - Revolution124.472.07
Thirty Seconds To Mars - Kings And Queens121.222.02
Puppet - I'm Here119.852.0
SomethingALaMode - GString119.51.99
Aurix - Want Me119.451.99
The Eden Project - Jupiter117.781.96
Keeno - Nocturne115.11.92
XYLØ - Alive114.381.91
Gryffin - Feel Good (feat. Daya)112.971.88
Hayden James - Something About You - ODESZA Remix109.41.82
Blackmill - Miracle107.881.8
Stumbleine - Dawn106.681.78
Michael St Laurent - You're Scared (feat. Benjamin Man)106.61.78
Uppermost - No Human Code106.11.77
Say Lou Lou - Julian - Monsieur Adi Remix105.431.76
Rameses B - Digidrop105.21.75
Flux Pavilion - Pull The Trigger - Maduk Remix103.51.73
Seba - Lose Control - Original Mix102.571.71
Uppermost - Flashback99.931.67
Stumbleine - Fade Into You (feat. Steffaloo)99.821.66
Com Truise - Glawio98.381.64
Keeno - Out Of Nowhere96.671.61
Pendulum - Hold Your Colour96.431.61
High Maintenance - Broken Pieces94.221.57
Banx & Ranx - Answerphone (feat. Yxng Bane)94.121.57
The Glitch Mob - Come Closer93.331.56
Fox Stevenson - Take You Down93.031.55
Makoto - YGMYC92.981.55
Big Gigantic - C'mon (feat. GRiZ)92.231.54
Village - Takeover91.181.52
Phaeleh - Red Light Green Light90.91.52
Prismo - In My Mind90.481.51
Hybrid Minds - Inside90.371.51
GRiZ - Smash the Funk90.231.5
deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n' Stuff88.321.47
Uppermost - Devotion88.031.47
Kiasmos - Looped87.981.47
Sub Focus - Tidal Wave86.831.45
Bcee - Firebox86.171.44
Illenium - Needed You86.01.43
Resonata - Elise (Hit Rewind)85.621.43
Alexus - Mama Told Me - Original Mix84.521.41
Guru Groove Foundation - Golden Love - Mr. Frenkie Remix83.71.4
Indivision - Electrolytes83.551.39
Maduk - Never Stop Loving You - Original Mix83.321.39
Electric Joy Ride & Fusk Asker - Power-Up - Original Mix83.21.39
The Glitch Mob - Disintegrate Slowly82.571.38
NERO - Into The Night - Nero 1988 Remix82.31.37
Maduk - Rollercoaster - Maduk Remix82.151.37
Solar Heavy - The Voyage81.881.36
Synkro - Midnight Sun - Helios Remix81.621.36
Keeno - Dream Sequence80.721.35
Muffler - Northern Lights80.471.34
Elk Road - Hanging By a Thread - Flowidus Remix80.41.34
Mango - Synthetic - We Are All Astronauts & Lost Empire Remix76.571.28
Various Artists - The Wolves - Lenzman Remix76.521.28
Chase & Status - Big Man Skank76.071.27
Shingo Nakamura - Move On76.031.27
Florence + The Machine - No Light, No Light75.251.25
Metrik - Freefall75.21.25
Arkasia - Ethereality - Original Mix74.051.23
Olympic Ayres - Magic - Arston Radio Edit73.771.23
Cyantific - Colour in the Shadows73.681.23
Pegboard Nerds - Just Like That (Two Friends Remix) [feat. Johnny Graves]73.581.23
FRND - Sticks and Stones73.281.22
Tritonal - Hung Up - Speaker Of The House Remix73.01.22
Uppermost - Starslide72.51.21
Fat Boy Slim - Right Here, Right Now72.451.21
Pola & Bryson - Stuck In A Memory72.41.21
Tale Of Us - Notte senza fine - Kiasmos Remix71.51.19
Antics - Moments71.31.19
Pendulum - 9,000 Miles71.231.19
Uppermost - Side Effects71.171.19
Fox Stevenson - Melange70.681.18
Underworld - Scribble70.481.17
Sigma - Lost Away70.281.17
Alex H - There's No Turning Back - Original Mix70.231.17
Various Artists - Voyager69.921.17
Arty - Together We Are (feat. Chris James)69.631.16
TeZATalks - Had69.381.16
Nelver - Last Challenger69.251.15
Roald Velden - She's Something Else - Original Mix69.051.15
Uppermost - Left Unsaid68.671.14
Anevo - Don't Shoot Me Down (feat. Jae-Mi)68.451.14
Black Tiger Sex Machine - Destroy It - Urban Contact Remix68.151.14
Uppermost - Fly67.91.13
Porter Robinson - Shelter67.751.13
Top 20 artists
ArtistMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
Various Artists2314.3838.57
Above & Beyond Group Therapy666.5211.11
Fred V & Grafix633.4310.56
Ed Sheeran575.329.59
The Glitch Mob490.928.18
Daft Punk458.957.65
Florence + The Machine399.536.66
The Eden Project292.54.88
Top 20 albums
Album TitleMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
EDEN - i think you think too much of me530.48.84
Above & Beyond Group Therapy - Group Therapy 160507.58.46
Uppermost - Revolution491.038.18
Daft Punk - TRON: Legacy440.187.34
Ed Sheeran - x407.086.78
Various Artists - Galaxy of Dreams 2404.056.73
Pendulum - In Silico400.586.68
Illenium - Ashes375.226.25
ShockOne - Universus370.776.18
Uppermost - Origins (2011-2016)335.475.59
Uppermost - One329.685.49
Phaeleh - Clarity325.275.42
Uppermost - Evolution315.025.25
Illenium - Awake301.035.02
The Glitch Mob - See Without Eyes297.834.96
Thirty Seconds To Mars - This Is War272.124.54
Good Weather For An Airstrike - Little Steps262.554.38
Fred V & Grafix - Unrecognisable234.823.91
Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials233.23.89
Various Artists - Galaxy Of Dreams 3229.13.82

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