Chef 13 Upgrade: knife-cookbook-doc Rubocop Updates

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As part of an upgrade from Chef 12 to Chef 13, this is one of the posts in which I've been detailing the issues I've encountered, and how I've resolved them .

As mentioned in 'Chef 13 Upgrade: knife-cookbook-doc gem upgrade' I use the knife-cookbook-doc gem to autogenerate my cookbook documentation, with formatting of the formats:

# attributes.rb
#<> Caddy base download URL: Required to override until is merged
default['caddy']['url'] = ''

# resources/site.rb
@property fqdn to configure a site for. When Chef Envrionment is `staging`, the FQDN that is configured will be `staging.{fqdn}`
property :fqdn

However, with the upgrade to Chef 13, Rubocop has been throwing a number of errors, Do not use block comments.

This was an easy fix to add to my .rubocop.yml, allowing me to simply ignore them in the source files I was using them:

    - 'attributes/default.rb'
    - 'recipes/*.rb'
    - 'resources/*.rb'

And although not technically part of the Chef 13 upgrade, I also wanted to note that I have the following exception for my attributes files, as they use the first format, which Rubocop isn't happy about, either.

    - 'attributes/default.rb'

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