glances, a `top` and `htop` replacement

glances is a command-line Python tool, which looks to replace tools such as top, htop, and iotop, with a little bit of ctop.

By combining these tools, it provides a really nice, easy to use interface, that provides a great at-a-glance view at your system, and all the things that you need to know.

For instance:

Glances running on a system under typical load

And then, when there is load on the system:

Load on the system produces alerts and warnings

Glances has the ability to display information about your containers, the actual system utilisation in terms of processes, and their I/O, CPU and Memory impacts, as well as general disk I/O by partition. Something I only noticed recently was the ability to see your system temperatures, as well as battery percentages. Finally, when your resource usage starts to get to certain levels, you will get warnings, such as the high CPU utilisation in the second image.

Glances is also really nice and configurable, and it can even be run in a client-server mode!


Written by Jamie Tanna on 26 April 2017, and last updated on 30 April 2018.

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