Specifying datetime in your Hugo posts' front matter

Setting your posts' date to a datetime string to specify the time a post was published at.

Marking up Events with Microformats

Announcing the events content type and their markup with h-event.

Easily rewriting Git URLs from HTTPS to SSH and vice versa

How to use Git's config to rewrite HTTPS URLs to SSH and vice versa, for repo pushes and pulls.

Homebrew Website Club: Nottingham, Session 1

A recap of our first Homebrew Website Club: Nottingham.

Adding the microformats h-entry markup to my blog posts

Announcing the addition of the h-entry markup to my blog posts.

Displaying Webmentions on my Hugo website

How and why I've gone about getting Webmentions rendered on my static Hugo site.

Setting up a personal hCard for myself

Setting up an hCard to allow microformats parsing for details about myself.

Homebrew Website Club: Nottingham

Thoughts about setting up the first Homebrew Website Club in Nottingham.

I'm Not Good With People

A bit of a raw look about how I'm really poor in social situations, how I've got to this realisation, and how I want to do better about it.

Verifying Signed JWTs (JWS) with Node.JS

How to use the jsonwebtoken and node-jose libraries to verify the signature of a Signed JSON Web Token (JWS) with Node.JS.