Listened to EPISODE #16 - WoW nerd & one of the biggest Onlyfans creators - Lichlings by derps'n'burps podcast
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GUEST EPISODE GUYS! This time Julia & Stefie invited another gorgeous queen to the podcast, Kayla aka Lichlings. They talk about her job as a streamer and adult content creator on OnlyFans. They share their experiences with the website & what makes it special/better than other social media. Enjoyed this episode? Make sure to like & subscribe to our Podcast channel or follow us on Twitter | Instagram | Youtube @derspnburps


Very excited to be on my way to London to the annual internal #Deliveroo hackathon, #hackaroo! Looking forward to meeting some of my new colleagues and getting a chance to build some cool stuff that I probably can't tell you about unless you come join the team ๐Ÿ‘€


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Has anyone built a bot that replies to screenshots of tweets to give original source? Weirdly really grinds my gears


#Cookie has decided we're sunning ourselves in the conservatory this afternoon. Luckily I have my laptop, cause I'm not allowed to move ๐Ÿ˜‚

A view of the side of Jamie's leg, with Cookie the dog lying pushed up against him, on her side asleep, in a cute Zeedog harness


The problem is when you have a lot of posts, names start overlapping, or you want to make the date it was from more visible.

Still I do agree it can be useful!

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Bookmarked testing-in-go by Ilija Eftimov 
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Documenting my experiences and learnings, with the goal of helping other software engineers on their journey

Some really great posts here that have made it much easier for me to get started with Go!

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