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This is very interesting to hear just days after a colleague gives a compelling introduction to Kotlin of which one key selling point (to me at least) is reducing boilerplate for Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) that are effectively data-only objects.

That being said, it's still a way off compared to Java 8, and could be nice to try out Kotlin a bit more.

Recommended read: Records Come to Java

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TLDR: Nearly everyone who wants micropub support writes their own library, endpoint, or whole cms or blog engine.

I believe part of this is because Micropub requires intimate knowledge of how your own site is set up, so unfortunately can't be written as a generic solution, because most folks won't have things set up the same way, even on ie WordPress using common IndieWeb plugins

It's still a good point that maybe we need to look at creating an out-of-the-box Micropub endpoint for some of the common tech stacks.

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