Bookmarked Stop Pretending Your Company is Remote by Luiz Felipe G. Pereira 
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The pandemic made evident how much work can, and should, be different. The forced change to accommodate remote workflows also brought to light what I like to call “virtual offices”. Unlike truly remote friendly workplaces optimized for asynchronous communication, these aim to merely transport the office into a virtual space keeping the same unnecessary constraints of synchronous work intact, only replacing shoulder taps with Zoom calls. I’d love if we collectively agreed to start using a more appropriate name for these. They are office-less companies but they are not remote-friendly.

Recommended read: Stop Pretending Your Company is Remote


Listened to Priyanka's Happy Hour (KubeCon EU 2022) featuring Priyanka Sharma, Executive Director at CNCF (Ship It! #52)
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Today we talk to Priyanka Sharma (E.D. at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation) about all things KubeCon Europe 2022. We start with Gerhard’s favourite subject - Priyanka’s Happy Hour - and then we switch focus to the conference. For many, this will be the first in-person KubeCon since 2019. As for Gerhard, he is not ...


Listened to Knative, Sigstore & swag (KubeCon EU 2022) with Matt Moore, founder & CTO of Chainguard (Ship It! #54)
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This is the post-KubeCon CloudNativeCon EU 2022 week. Gerhard is talking to Matt Moore, founder & CTO of Chainguard about all things Knative and Sigstore. The most important topic is swag, because none has better stickers than Chainguard. The other topic is the equivalent of Let’s Encrypt for securing software.


Listened to Stacked diffs for fast-moving code review with Graphite co-founders Tomas Reimers & Greg Foster (The Changelog #491)
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This week we’re peeking into the future again — this time we’re looking at the future of modern code review and workflows around pull requests. Jerod and Adam were joined by two of the co-founders of Graphite — Tomas Reimers and Greg Foster. Graphite is an open-source CLI and code review dashboard built for engineers w...


Listened to No one is ever going to love you | The Adults Corner by PodBean Development 
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The Adults Corner - Episode 10, Relationships. 

“No one is ever going to love you”

 This episode Chloe grieves her ex while Cherry opens up about past relationship issues & expectations from past lovers. 

Cherry & Chloe also touch on: 
 Dating patterns 
Odour and vaginasLying and cheating 
 Boyfriends in brothels Stay at home Dads
 Sex kink parties lesbian sex.


It's payday at #Deliveroo and wow was it a fun one to wake up to 🤑 it included my starting bonus, but it's really something to think about how my salary increases in a year have almost doubled my compensation. Money isn't everything, but given I've spent most of this month writing code and working on interesting things, it's a massive cherry on top!


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Has anyone got a good example of a CLI that allows CRUD operations across many fields, some which are optional and some which are multi-value?

I'm using glab and gh as inspiration, but wondered if there are other ones I can follow


#Cookie is a little more obvious, as she keeps getting up and flopping back down in a slightly different position, enjoying the sun

Cookie flopped on her side, with one paw mid-scratch on the side of her face, stretched out and enjoying the sun