#Cookie has decided we're sunning ourselves in the conservatory this afternoon. Luckily I have my laptop, cause I'm not allowed to move πŸ˜‚

A view of the side of Jamie's leg, with Cookie the dog lying pushed up against him, on her side asleep, in a cute Zeedog harness


The problem is when you have a lot of posts, names start overlapping, or you want to make the date it was from more visible.

Still I do agree it can be useful!

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Bookmarked testing-in-go by Ilija Eftimov 
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Documenting my experiences and learnings, with the goal of helping other software engineers on their journey

Some really great posts here that have made it much easier for me to get started with Go!

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Listened to I threw a sausage roll at his head because he called my sister a $lut!!! | The Adults Corner by PodBean Development 
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Episode 8 - We interview our first guest Julia.Julia is Cherry's younger sister and has supported her work career from a young age. Julia opens up about the bullying she received at school and in her workplace because of Cherry's Adult industry career choices.We also discuss how at the age of 22 she lost 1 of her ovaries which led her to doing egg freezing and the mental and emotional health impacts that she endured during these times.


The best thing about getting a puppy after redecorating the living room is their very clear respect for all the nice things πŸ«£πŸ™„