2023's Music In Review

In 2023, I listened to 65531.62 minutes (1092.19 hours) of music on Spotify.

Top 100 songs
Song TitleMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
Phaeleh - Moving On325.425.42
REAPER - XLR8 - Audioscribe Remix224.373.74
Phaeleh - Dreaming212.353.54
Phaeleh - Breathe in Air198.93.32
Phaeleh - The Mist197.23.29
Paper Dragon - Self Control - Coastal Remix191.453.19
Koven - YES - Fox Stevenson Remix183.33.06
deadmau5 - Bridged By A Lightwave - Lamorn Remix167.782.8
Rag'n'Bone Man - All You Ever Wanted - Sub Focus Remix136.982.28
Phaeleh - One Chance121.082.02
TARO - I Saw Fire111.131.85
cassö - Prada108.171.8
Lexurus - The Distance105.681.76
Feint - Let Me Go105.371.76
Paperwhite - Only Us (Remix)102.971.72
Lexurus - Magnify - Justin Hawkes Remix101.521.69
Puppet - The Worst Part About Me97.871.63
MRSA - Different97.11.62
Exploid - These Lies95.851.6
EMBRZ - IOU93.321.56
Subformat - More90.051.5
OX7GEN - Emergence86.81.45
Tycho - Epoch85.421.42
REPAIR - Pretend85.41.42
Florian Picasso - Final Call - VIP Mix82.821.38
Tantrum Desire - Slay80.481.34
Clean Bandit - Don't Leave Me Lonely (feat. Elley Duhé) [Punctual Remix]75.01.25
Phaeleh - Breakout74.921.25
Gryffin - Forever (feat. Elley Duhé) - Lizzy Jane Remix72.171.2
Cash Cash - Bleach (Move On) - VIP Remix70.821.18
REAPER - BARRICADE - Justin Hawkes Remix69.881.16
Adventure Club - Everything To Me - Adventure Club Remix69.281.15
KOLIDESCOPES - Focus68.21.14
Man Cub - Transformation68.021.13
Sun Lo - Nothing Permanent66.921.12
Gryffin - Dreams66.421.11
Ambyion - Floating65.381.09
Lexurus - Cold Divide64.951.08
Puppet - The Answer Is Nowhere64.681.08
Metrik - Parallel - VIP64.521.08
Tommy Baynen - A View From Afar63.671.06
Audioscribe - Letting Go63.61.06
The Chainsmokers - Riptide - lofi remix62.531.04
Eden Project - The Fire62.051.03
NOTION - Hooked61.81.03
Exploid - Don't Need Nothing61.651.03
OCULA - We Don't Need A Reason Why61.431.02
T & Sugah - Lost In The Middle60.681.01
Tycho - Skate60.671.01
Dubblem - Recollect60.231.0
LO'99 - Stay High - Ray Foxx Remix60.031.0
Cash Cash - Bleach (Move On)59.91.0
Monrroe - Distant Future59.130.99
No Mana - Over & Over59.050.98
Freaks & Geeks - Freefalling58.780.98
Krakota - Dreamweaver58.430.97
Lexurus - Reminiscence57.80.96
Morgan Page - Our Song57.70.96
Digitalz - Beg for It57.570.96
Maduk - Voyager57.080.95
The Chainsmokers - Up & Down56.830.95
Luude - Down Under (feat. Colin Hay) - Majestic Remix56.630.94
Krakota - Take Me There56.470.94
Ghost in Real Life - Youth56.350.94
Phaeleh - Should Be True55.870.93
Sigma - Adrenaline Rush - Subsonic Remix54.980.92
dvine - Allegiance54.90.91
GAR - Komorebi - Original Mix54.880.91
Kele - Tenderoni54.650.91
Grafix - Say It Now54.180.9
Elley Duhé - MONEY ON THE DASH53.930.9
GOLDHOUSE - Reaction53.650.89
Phaeleh - A New Day53.450.89
Tollef - Sunshine53.170.89
Synergy - Made of Glass52.530.88
Ripple - Feels Like51.670.86
MUZZ - Start Again - Lexurus & Dualistic Remix50.920.85
deadmau5 - Bridged By A Lightwave50.70.85
Tantrum Desire - Reach VIP50.520.84
Phetsta - The Sun - 2009 Remix50.050.83
ILLENIUM - Back to You50.020.83
Krakota - Be The Reason49.980.83
Yoe Mase - Getaway Car49.570.83
Loote - Your Side Of The Bed49.150.82
Maduk - Don't Be Afraid49.120.82
Lexurus - Oblivion48.90.82
Aktive - Tell Me48.070.8
Paraleven - Lucid (feat. Nathan Ball) - Icarus Remix47.830.8
Phaeleh - Outside the Lines47.280.79
Phaeleh - Journey47.250.79
Magnificence - Encore46.850.78
Sub Focus - I Found You - Grafix Remix46.570.78
UTAH - October46.170.77
Dreaming Cooper - Third Dimension - Remastered 202246.080.77
Drop Frame - The Lantern45.880.76
Koven - Lions - VIP45.770.76
Immortal Girlfriend - Seeker44.950.75
Kathy Brown - Burn44.830.75
36 - Beyond the Heliosphere44.70.75
Top 20 artists
ArtistMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
The Chainsmokers481.488.02
Sub Focus463.977.73
T & Sugah345.775.76
Sizzle Bird330.425.51
Morgan Page290.424.84
Camo & Krooked261.574.36

Unfortunately no album data at this point, as Spotify doesn't make it available as part of a regular data export.

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