2022's Music In Review

In 2022, I listened to 51596.5 minutes (859.94 hours) of music on Spotify.

Top 100 songs
Song TitleMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
Yoe Mase - Getaway Car213.783.56
MOGUAI - Lyfe Lyne191.983.2
Phaeleh - Moving On137.652.29
Armin van Buuren - One More Time - Worakls Remix112.071.87
Coastal - Here We Go95.721.6
Ben Böhmer - Erase (An Apparition)93.521.56
Bloc Party - Compliments - Shibuyaka Remix by Nick Zinner91.71.53
VOLO - Prismaflow86.451.44
Erik Buschmann - Stay85.021.42
J.Weo - Lazy Weekend - Soty & Seven24 Remix83.021.38
Tritonal - Out Of The Dark79.451.32
Lexurus - Magnify - Justin Hawkes Remix78.331.31
NPTNE - Topaz75.931.27
Weir - Innerbloom74.131.24
Eco - Soar73.921.23
Fox Stevenson - Enemy Brain72.51.21
Karma Fields - .me72.371.21
Adam K - Wake Up - Adam K & Soha Remix70.971.18
VELDA - The Life of an Empath70.721.18
BT - Kintsugi68.921.15
Sam Davies - Northern Lights - Mixed68.481.14
Ambyion - Heaven's Shore67.01.12
Delta Heavy - Heaven64.931.08
Pat Carroll - Alight64.051.07
Andrew Bayer - Midnight64.031.07
Memro - Trick Of The Tail63.871.06
T & Sugah - Don't Leave62.881.05
Nowfeel - reaching through me61.721.03
Jack Rush - Butterfly - Jon Void Remix61.71.03
Kirsty Hawkshaw - Face To Face Again (The Joy) - Seba Remix61.331.02
Tritonal - Losing My Mind60.91.02
Groundfold - Oceans Apart59.50.99
Animadrop - Stuck in a Timeloop59.120.99
Justin Hawkes - Tragedy, Humanity57.950.97
deadmau5 - XYZ57.550.96
BetweenUs - Lost Island - Mixed56.950.95
Stephan Bodzin - Lll - Ben Böhmer Remix56.950.95
Sixth Ocean - Solasta56.870.95
Cicada - Edge55.550.93
Genetics - Upside Down55.480.92
Gregory Esayan - Innerspace - Dan & Sam Intro Mix55.470.92
PLÜM - Blame55.380.92
REGON - Lighthouse54.830.91
Pauke Schaumburg - White Mountain North54.620.91
Stonebank - Take Me Away54.450.91
Wisp - Once Returned54.370.91
Monrroe - A Place To Belong54.20.9
Andromedha - Only Wide Open Space And Me53.430.89
Phonetic - Losing Control53.380.89
Garrido & Skehan - Stay - EDU Remix53.370.89
Jaytech - Tachyon52.730.88
Flow Loris - Cloudburst52.480.87
Lexurus - Waveline52.330.87
NOTION - Hooked - Grafix Remix51.90.87
Metrik - Freefall VIP51.870.86
Solstis - About You51.150.85
Sundial Aeon - Lunatic Visions - Chronos Remix50.930.85
Grafix - Alone50.620.84
Krisu - The Ethereal and I50.280.84
Aliiias - Sunshine49.750.83
Trifonic - Biomimetic49.330.82
Myon - Moon - Original Mix49.320.82
Feki - Remember49.250.82
Oceanlab - If I Could Fly On The Surface - Alex M.O.R.P.H Remix [Daniel Kandi Mashup]49.220.82
MC Fava - Hearts Wander48.470.81
Tony Anderson - Indigo48.150.8
Yotto - Hollow48.070.8
Klangphonics - Holocene47.880.8
R Plus - It Gets Me Thinkin47.830.8
Unknown Error - Yearning47.80.8
L Plus - Taking Me Higher47.80.8
Maduk - Voyager47.650.79
Dustkey - Over The Moon47.530.79
Kove - All Or Nothing47.530.79
MUZZ - Catharsis X47.380.79
Synthr - Elysium47.350.79
Bandēs - Supernova47.020.78
Outwild - Wide Awake46.930.78
VOLO - Lost Forest46.650.78
Flite - Blue Spark VIP46.60.78
Boxplot - Human Again46.580.78
Marcus Cito - Easy on You46.580.78
PALLADIAN - Marbles - Bon-Psy Remix46.570.78
Terror - Morning Sun - Etherwood Remix46.350.77
Synergy - Where You Belong46.10.77
Etherwood - Dahlia46.00.77
NERO - Circles45.970.77
The Chainsmokers - Something Different - lofi remix45.880.76
Matt Lange - Within One And Another45.880.76
Sub Focus - It's Time45.470.76
Synergy - Satellites45.420.76
Catching Flies - She Goes Out Of Focus45.40.76
Fred V & Grafix - Like The Sun45.330.76
Favright - Levitate44.930.75
Grabbitz - Teleport44.580.74
Kennedy One - Tokyo Femme44.250.74
eleven.five - Remember - meHiLove Remix44.120.74
Luude - Glenorchy43.930.73
Koven - Butterfly Effect - VIP43.80.73
Nastya Kazantseva - Endless Sunset43.70.73
Top 20 artists
ArtistMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
The Chainsmokers315.335.26
Armin van Buuren293.74.9
Seven Lions255.184.25
Bloc Party245.284.09
Fox Stevenson241.554.03
Yoe Mase231.63.86
Ben Böhmer228.83.81
David Guetta224.553.74
Matt Lange215.43.59
Sizzle Bird215.13.59
Andrew Bayer206.473.44
Mord Fustang206.433.44

Unfortunately no album data at this point, as Spotify doesn't make it available as part of a regular data export.

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