2021's Music In Review

In 2021, I listened to 66262.35 minutes (1104.37 hours) of music on Spotify.

Top 100 songs
Song TitleMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
Phaeleh - Moving On296.634.94
Synthetic Epiphany - Icarus (feat. CoMa)240.324.01
Celldweller - Last Night on Earth - Nigel Stanford Remix198.183.3
Phaeleh - Red Light Green Light168.752.81
deadmau5 - Bridged By A Lightwave - Lamorn Remix160.972.68
MALO - Mimo's Theme158.132.64
Sultan + Shepard - Assassin150.482.51
Ambyion - Ozeanblau127.552.13
Polygon - Coming Home127.322.12
Genetics - Let You Go125.32.09
deadmau5 - Bridged By A Lightwave123.572.06
Magnificence - Encore117.881.96
Puppet - The Worst Part About Me117.71.96
Jack Mirror - Junipero116.221.94
Tony Anderson - Indigo114.131.9
Audioscribe - Letting Go113.251.89
Spencer Brown - SF to Berlin108.271.8
BCee - Cannot Escape Your Love - Millbrook Remix105.41.76
Phaeleh - Breathe in Air99.931.67
Abandoned - Interstellar97.531.63
Mage - Empty Road96.971.62
Douran - Phenomena96.931.62
Klur - Odysée95.981.6
Mord Fustang - Gaia95.951.6
Fliwo - Say It Now95.781.6
GAR - Rudimentary - Original mix95.61.59
Pendulum - 9,000 Miles - Eelke Kleijn Remix92.451.54
Keeno - I Live, I Learn91.871.53
Humanature - Since I've Known You88.831.48
Itona - You Are So87.631.46
Sub Focus - Freedom - Sub Focus x Wilkinson x High Contrast Remix85.781.43
The Prototypes - Passion84.881.41
Elypsis - I Miss You84.481.41
Harrisun - Terrified of Loving You84.431.41
PRAANA - Becoming Earth84.421.41
Mark & Lukas - Our Home - Vince Forwards Remix84.271.4
Flownn - Odyssey - Qrion Remix83.271.39
SØNIN - Nothing Like You82.771.38
She Was Silver - Toxin82.271.37
Kindrid - Caught Up In The Moment81.851.36
S9 - Get It Right81.671.36
Nora En Pure - Cognitive Fadings - Club Mix81.551.36
Aki Nair - Pieces (feat. Gaby Zacara)81.21.35
Koan - Arwen Undomiel80.531.34
Koda - Staying80.21.34
Justin Hawkes - Tragedy, Humanity79.631.33
Kori - Safe At Last - Bert H Remix79.451.32
YOVA - You're the Mirror - Ranji & Ghost Rider Remix79.281.32
Kasablanca - The Hills78.91.32
Echos - Guest Room78.871.31
WAVES - Daydream78.581.31
Luude - Wanna Stay78.071.3
Dualistic - The Unknown - Boxplot Remix77.681.29
Uppermost - Discover Life77.521.29
Nomra - Fall In (Tritonia 338)77.181.29
Baauer - HOME - Special Request RMX76.971.28
Tantrum Desire - Resistance76.771.28
Reptile Room - Games76.581.28
Ben Böhmer - Run Away76.431.27
Fracture Design - A Winter's Tale76.271.27
Melodysheep - Life76.221.27
Phaeleh - Okob75.381.26
Aktive - Sunchaser75.251.25
Koelle - Unknown Colors75.051.25
Cyantific - All I Want74.581.24
Prince Woods - Beach House73.851.23
The Glitch Mob - How Could This Be Wrong X Fistful of Silence (Remix) (revision)72.971.22
Smote - Summertime - Nelver Remix72.931.22
Øfdream - Offset - Diode Eins Remix72.521.21
Malaky - Believe71.771.2
EDDIE - Somewhere In Between71.731.2
deadmau5 - Hyperlandia - Vocal Mix71.671.19
LEVR - Not Today71.231.19
Aviella - tell me what you’re thinking70.781.18
Elysian - Moonchild - Trivecta Remix70.631.18
What So Not - Stuck In Orbit - Luttrell Remix70.521.18
Modest Intentions - Youniverse70.371.17
Tourist - We Stayed Up All Night - Instrumental70.171.17
Faux Tales - Anomaly70.11.17
Vintage & Morelli - Daydream - Extended Mix70.051.17
Illenium x Alesso - Lift My Fractures Without You69.971.17
ATTLAS - Parallel Lines - Enzo Bennet Remix69.071.15
MC Fava - Hearts Wander68.621.14
Nomyn - Flow68.51.14
Empaths - Hope (Rise Up) - Telomic Remix68.351.14
Kenji Sekiguchi - Remembrance - Shingo Nakamura Remix68.231.14
Fury Weekend - Signals68.21.14
DJ Fixx - Die Young - Original Mix68.081.13
Ptr. - Sacred Land67.91.13
Ownglow - Breathe67.81.13
Paper Dragon - Forget the Rain67.751.13
Barren Gates - The Melody of Your Fears67.651.13
Koven - Worlds Collide - Grafix Remix67.61.13
Droptek - Illusions (ft. Holly Drummond)67.271.12
Grabbitz - Fly on the Wall67.21.12
Ytram - Fire (feat. Elderbrook) - KAIOS Remix67.151.12
CloZee - Soul Search67.051.12
Porter Robinson - Look at the Sky66.951.12
Koven - Numb66.721.11
Culprate - No Words - Dexcell Remix66.631.11
Top 20 artists
ArtistMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
Above & Beyond481.788.03
Camo & Krooked259.824.33
Synthetic Epiphany259.124.32
Sizzle Bird258.324.31
Tom Day255.334.26

Unfortunately no album data at this point, as Spotify doesn't make it available as part of a regular data export.

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