2020's Music In Review

In 2020, I listened to 74439.32 minutes (1240.66 hours) of music on Spotify.

Top 100 songs
Song TitleMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
36 - Beyond the Heliosphere215.373.59
Xyan - Better Alone178.672.98
MUZZ - Somewhere Else158.382.64
Ben Böhmer - Promise You157.772.63
Uppermost - Creative Infinity155.622.59
Phaeleh - Red Light Green Light150.982.52
Far Places - Homecoming140.532.34
Ben Walter - Broken from the Start139.722.33
Uppermost - Faster138.222.3
Monrroe - Eventide137.252.29
Banaati - Kilsbergen135.282.25
Carsky - Pure133.182.22
Brookes Brothers - Burn126.632.11
Uppermost - When the Birds Start Singing125.482.09
Bass Physics - Whirlwind123.532.06
Kozoro - Girl Of The Sky123.352.06
SMiTHMUSiX - Feel The Vibe (feat. Cael Dadian)123.332.06
KREAM - Choices121.832.03
Whethan - All In My Head (feat. grandson)121.732.03
KDrew - Bring You Down118.621.98
Metrik - Parallel118.481.97
Stash Konig - Second Chance118.331.97
Misael Gauna - I Miss You - WILDE THINGS Remix116.481.94
ShockOne - Further Away from Me - Logistics Remix115.631.93
Danny Olson - Delineate115.01.92
Phaeleh - Moving On114.481.91
Uppermost - Every Human Is an Artist112.921.88
Aspetuck - Back To The Nest112.131.87
Hybrid Minds - Phoenix111.581.86
Phaeleh - Halo108.481.81
NCT - Astrophysical108.451.81
Hidden Face - Alive (feat. Camellia)107.21.79
ARTY - Daydreams - RetroVision Remix104.851.75
Jason Ross - Known You Before (with Emilie Brandt)104.251.74
YVR - Talking in Your Sleep103.721.73
Eminus - Drifting102.631.71
Jay-C - when u come around (feat. Zak Downtown) [Remix]102.381.71
Green Ring - Caverly102.31.7
Who - 6pm102.21.7
Error Unknown - Together as One101.371.69
Duumu - All for Nothing100.781.68
Maduk - Voyager100.431.67
John Mayer - Free Fallin' - Live at the Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - December 200799.851.66
Phaeleh - Floods97.871.63
Adam Pearce - Tell You97.221.62
Syence - Temporary High96.91.62
Sultan + Shepard - Kochi96.551.61
PRAANA - Mojave95.51.59
ATRIP - Popsicle91.471.52
Zoe Moon - Falling - Rameses B Remix90.221.5
Køld - Genesis89.851.5
The Glitch Mob - Monday - The Glitch Mob Remix89.321.49
Dezza - Cold Outside88.821.48
Half an Orange - Time Travel Kool Aid87.951.47
Uppermost - Origins87.61.46
Tritonal - Born Yesterday86.751.45
Maor Levi - 4U - Original Mix86.751.45
Olmos - 67 Miles86.61.44
Gryffin - Body Back (feat. Maia Wright) - Deniz Koyu Remix86.581.44
Caslow - Back to Me86.271.44
David Helpling - Sun Racer85.61.43
Gavin James - Always - Alan Walker Remix85.321.42
Sigala - Only One - Brookes Brothers Remix84.31.41
Unoriginals - Rewind83.871.4
anton. - cortado, Pt. 283.281.39
Koan - Arwen Undomiel83.081.38
Indivision - Untold Words82.331.37
Synthr - Elysium82.151.37
Changing Faces - Stargaze81.581.36
L Plus - Taking Me Higher80.081.33
sad alex - new heartbreak79.921.33
Muffler - Serenity77.821.3
Tycho - Outer Sunset77.821.3
Le Youth - Obvious77.81.3
BRKLYN - Things I've Learned - AUST Remix77.581.29
Atra Aeterna - When the World Ends77.471.29
Lemaitre - Rocket Girl (Feat. Betty Who)77.021.28
Mickey Valen - Ur Perfect I Hate It - Lenno Remix76.951.28
Uppermost - 23rd Street76.871.28
Ambyion - Fallen75.951.27
deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n' Stuff75.571.26
Danger - 11:0275.551.26
Mako - Chameleon75.481.26
The Chainsmokers - Takeaway - Sondr Remix75.221.25
T-Mass - Can You Feel It (Van Múrten Remix)74.81.25
Pierce Fulton - Nest To The Back74.521.24
Sizzle Bird - Sundial Robots74.31.24
Pierce Fulton - Overthinking Rain73.121.22
Stst - Galaxies72.471.21
Meyze - Coming Back71.781.2
EMBRZ - Sound 4 U71.61.19
Covex - Taste of Love71.181.19
West Coast Massive - Lucky Eyes71.121.19
Far Out - Lost with You - Nebbra Remix71.051.18
Fūji - Iris70.631.18
Chris Avantgarde - True Love69.851.16
Feint - Face Down - Original Mix69.81.16
Uppermost - Uprising69.251.15
Halcyon - Where Have You Been69.181.15
Top 20 artists
ArtistMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
Above & Beyond359.185.99
Pierce Fulton316.925.28
The Glitch Mob314.95.25
Fred V & Grafix288.024.8
Sizzle Bird261.124.35
Ed Sheeran254.984.25
Camo & Krooked250.784.18

Unfortunately no album data at this point, as Spotify doesn't make it available as part of a regular data export.

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