2019's Music In Review

In 2019, I listened to 59170.02 minutes (986.17 hours, 41.1 days) of music on Spotify.

Top 100 songs
Song TitleMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
Phaeleh - Red Light Green Light235.623.93
Camo & Krooked - Ember - Hybrid Minds Remix218.733.65
Flite - Lost On My Own - Flite Remix208.983.48
Koven - Never Have I Felt This203.93.4
Mazde - Wicked Winds184.153.07
Uppermost - Uprising173.022.88
James Arthur - You Deserve Better - Andrelli Remix159.432.66
Martin Garrix - Summer Days (feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy)157.272.62
Fred V & Grafix - Drowning Without You149.822.5
Various Artists - Voyager142.92.38
Mind Vortex - The Day After142.232.37
Muffler - Uplifter140.722.35
Wilkinson - I Need - Wilkinson & Metrik Remix139.222.32
Feint - Take It In - Hybrid Minds Remix134.632.24
Elephante - Come Back For You132.02.2
Ekko & Sidetrack - Synchronise130.232.17
Azaleh - Atlas129.92.17
Chase & Status And Blossoms - This Moment - Back To The Rave C&S Remix129.122.15
Jareth - Kaleidoscope - Hybrid Minds Remix126.222.1
deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n' Stuff124.752.08
INTERCOM - No Running123.172.05
DC Breaks - Breathe - VIP Instrumental Remix122.52.04
Pierce Fulton - Overthinking Rain121.922.03
Grafix - Refuge115.61.93
Omnitica - Melt Away113.971.9
Gryffin - Just For A Moment (feat. Iselin)113.351.89
Diamic - Going112.621.88
Uppermost - Love Runway112.371.87
bignic - help111.91.87
ILLENIUM - Good Things Fall Apart (with Jon Bellion)111.251.85
Miro - Voices110.771.85
Aurix - London108.021.8
Uppermost - Téléguidé104.251.74
Carsky - Feel It102.951.72
Phaeleh - Earthbound101.681.69
AkaHendy - Sometimes100.931.68
Phaeleh - Embrace99.451.66
Koven - Getaway - Koven Remix98.621.64
BCee - Your Body97.281.62
Draper - Who Are You96.551.61
Wilkinson - Hypnotic94.71.58
AK - Horizon94.621.58
Gryffin - Remember (with ZOHARA)94.61.58
36 - Beyond the Heliosphere94.031.57
The Eden Project - The Fire93.921.57
EMBRZ - Close 2 U (feat. Harvie) (feat. Harvie) - Leon Lour Remix91.851.53
Autograf - Metaphysical - Anish Sood Remix91.631.53
Far Out - Lost with You91.081.52
Pylot - Duel90.321.51
T & Sugah - Never Be Alone89.351.49
Ray Dalton - If You Fall88.321.47
Covex - Forgive Me88.221.47
Jonas Blue - Rise87.551.46
Gourski - Walk Away and Smile86.531.44
Blaine Stranger - Losing Myself86.01.43
Gimbal - Lights84.41.41
nervous_testpilot - Heartfelt84.151.4
ODESZA - Falls - The Glitch Mob Remix83.371.39
Pendulum - Hold Your Colour82.551.38
Laura Brehm - Cosmic Gravity82.081.37
Uppermost - Revolution80.651.34
Uppermost - Under Control80.631.34
yetep - What Do U Want (feat. Sara Skinner)79.921.33
NCT - Scars79.721.33
EDX - Off The Grid78.371.31
Gryffin - Bye Bye (feat. Ivy Adara)78.01.3
Mr. Probz - Praying To A God - LUKE Remix77.981.3
Uppermost - Different77.821.3
Dennis Pedersen - Miles Apart - Fox Stevenson Remix77.721.3
Carly Rae Jepsen - Turn Me Up77.051.28
Duumu - Feather76.421.27
Phaeleh - Chasing Saturn76.331.27
Gryffin - OMG (with Carly Rae Jepsen)75.771.26
Mind Vortex - Stand High75.731.26
Melano - Fly75.581.26
Tyler Myerberg - Ethics75.21.25
Uppermost - Emotion74.431.24
Good Weather For An Airstrike - Little Rain73.51.23
High Maintenance - Know The Way73.031.22
Manila Killa - All 2 U - Madnap Remix72.91.22
Maduk - Kings & Queens72.771.21
GRiZ - Smash the Funk72.721.21
Example - Do It So Well72.021.2
Various Artists - Never Let You Go - Blu Mar Ten Remix71.01.18
Mahalo - So Cold (feat. Lily Denning)71.01.18
Digitalism - Second Chance - Capa Remix70.781.18
Shockline - Say It All70.271.17
KOAN Sound - View from Above70.131.17
Mord Fustang - Flower With No Name70.131.17
RIBB[]N - Stuck Together70.01.17
3LAU - On My Mind69.531.16
DC Breaks - Never Stop69.51.16
OVERWERK - Control ft. Nick Nikon69.481.16
Martin Garrix - Home (feat. Bonn)69.031.15
Hillsdom - Lucid Dreams68.581.14
Martin Jensen - Somebody I'm Not68.41.14
Pierce Fulton - Cold Water68.151.14
Loud Luxury - Body68.081.13
EDEN - drugs67.931.13
Various Artists - Lessons Learned67.751.13
Top 20 artists
ArtistMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
Various Artists1855.8830.93
Fred V & Grafix575.779.6
Martin Garrix560.789.35
Above & Beyond Group Therapy429.47.16
Ed Sheeran417.326.96
Camo & Krooked393.856.56
Pierce Fulton372.876.21
Top 20 albums
Album TitleMinutes ElapsedHours Elapsed
Phaeleh - Clarity723.5712.06
Uppermost - Given by Nature392.136.54
Gryffin - Gravity315.885.26
Uppermost - Revolution291.234.85
Uppermost - Origins (2011-2016)271.224.52
Thirty Seconds To Mars - This Is War260.834.35
Madeon - Good Faith239.223.99
ShockOne - Universus235.273.92
Uppermost - One229.13.82
Various Artists - Galaxy of Dreams 2226.333.77
Above & Beyond Group Therapy - Group Therapy 160224.753.75
Camo & Krooked - Black or White / Ember218.733.65
Daft Punk - TRON: Legacy213.43.56
Flite - Lost On My Own (Flite Remix)208.983.48
Koven - Never Have I Felt This203.93.4
Ed Sheeran - x193.773.23
Fred V & Grafix - Cinematic Party Music191.273.19
Uppermost - Perseverance188.153.14
Mazde - Wicked Winds184.153.07

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