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Josh Koenig and David Strauss are co-founders at Pantheon, a platform for building and operating websites. Josh is the chief strategy officer, and David is the CTO. Open source software is a big part of the web, and Pantheon is a downstream user as well as a contributor to several open source projects. David is an early contributor to systemd, a component of Linux distributions, a member of the Drupal security team, and was a founding member of the first Fedora Server working group in 2011. Josh and David share their views as downstream consumers of open source software as well as members of the community, touching on why enterprises don't contribute more to open source, the approach to open source policy and licensing changes by two different major vendors in Red Hat and HashiCorp, efforts to shore up the security of the web by moving to memory-safe languages, and more. Come for the industry insights, and stay for the many colorful analogies in this discussion, from tugboats to tofurkey. Editor's Note: This episode was recorded before IBM agreed to acquire HashiCorp.

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