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"Men are dangerous" is 100% patriarchal rhetoric. The patriarchy does everything it can to train men to be dangerous. It creates a toxic version of masculinity that only profits and privileges men who choose to be dangerous. It does everything it can to put men into positions where they can be dangerous. Which means that danger is artificially constructed. Men are not dangerous because they're male. Men are not dangerous because they're masculine. Masculinity and manhood are not dangerous things. The dangerous version of masculinity sold by the patriarchy is a social construct that can, in fact, be opted out of. Men and masculine people can construct a masculinity that is not toxic, that does not promote violence, that is centered around healthy relationships and communication and helping others. Building a healthy, vibrant vision of masculinity is absolutely a part of feminism. I'm not saying it needs to be done by women - do not twist this into a claim that I'm attempting to burden women with remaking masculinity. Men can be feminists. Men who are feminists are eager and willing and actively taking part in the act of ripping masculinity away from the patriarchy and reforming it into something new. #feminism #intersectionalFeminism #transFeminism

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