Got my new starter swag to kick off my #LifeAtElastic, and I think a lot can be said about a company but the luxurious feel and quantity of their swag πŸ‘πŸ½

A box of swag, covered with a light blue piece of tissue paper, teasingly not quite showing what is in the box An arrangement of swag from Elastic, arranged neatly, and laid out on the wooden floor. There is a blue notebook, embossed with the Elastic logo, a black polo shirt, a set of stickers with the Elastic values that are super cute and really nicely stylised, a bright blue Elastic, a bright pink Elastic tshirt, a black hoodie, a pair of socks, and a slightly stripy water bottle. All the clothes are incredibly soft, and very high quality. There is also (not pictured) a darker blue "helper node" tshirt for volunteering in

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