Liked Infosys leaked FullAdminAccess AWS keys on PyPi for over a year by Tom Forbes 
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Infosys has a lot to say about security You can check out their website for a lot of buzwords , but it’s clear from all the stock photos that they take security Very Seriously Indeed ™️. However, from what I’ve found recently, it seems that Infosys use the following Comprehensive Management-Endorsed Proficiently Driven Cybersecurity Strategy and Framework items: Don’t use AWS roles or temporary credentials for your developers Instead, use IAM user keys and give them all FullAdminAccess permissions Never rotate these keys and store them as plaintext in git Use these keys to protect what appears to be medical data about COVID patients Have someone publish those keys and the code in a public package to pypi Keep those keys active for days after leakage Make nonsensical pull requests to try and remove all references to the leak The Leak This morning I woke up to a very strange pull request on my pypi-data project.

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